The world of marketing is continuously evolving, and while we see many trends come and go, there are some tried and tested methods that stick around because they get results.
One of these methods is email marketing. Let’s look at why email marketing has so many benefits and why it should be your marketing champion.  


Putting together an email marketing campaign is incredibly simple to do, especially with TouchBasePro’s fantastic drag-and-drop campaign editor. Anyone can put together a beautiful, responsive campaign with no trouble, and instantly communicate elegantly with their customers. Putting a campaign together from start to finish can be done in less than 5 minutes.

With TouchBasePro’s in-depth reporting, you can get live feedback on your email campaign’s performance as it happens. You can see opens, click-throughs, analytics, geographic information, social shares, forwards and more. What other marketing method gives you that kind of detail on reach, almost instantly? And it means more than just percentages and numbers, that data has valuable insight into your customer’s interests and behaviours. 


Gone are the days of the shotgun approach to advertising, where you throw out an ad or a deal that’s as generic as possible to try and appeal to as many people as possible. Now you can segment your database and target your customers based on age, region, gender, or anything else that suits your campaign needs and get much better results.

Want your customers to feel like you’re talking to them directly? There’s no better way to do that but with email marketing. Personalising your email marketing campaigns will not only guarantee that customers are more likely to interact with it, but you’ll also see a major increase in your Return on Investment.

Want to reach your customers instantly, instead of relying on when they turn on the TV or when they check their social media? Email marketing gets to them first, resulting in much more active participation than any other marketing platform. TouchBasePro can also send out millions of emails in a minute, meaning your message can spread like wildfire. 

It’s easy to see why email marketing is the route to go. We’re not saying it’s the be-all and end-all of the marketing sphere but should definitely form a big part of your whole strategy. The benefits are plain to see.