With brands taking over your clients and potential customers’ timelines and inboxes, how do you stand out? We may not have the answers, but what we do know (and pretty much what every other expert out there knows) is that to create returns from your marketing, you need to have a plan! 

All you need to stay ahead of the pack 

Many of our clients have expressed the need for a campaign that will make them stand out in a very crowded landscape. So we partnered with some of the best in the game to have you covered. 

No more wondering about what to post on your social media platforms or what to say in your email campaigns. We’ve got you! Our team of digital marketing and email professionals will guide you. We will schedule a quick discovery chat to understand your objectives for the campaign, after which we will come back to you with a social media content plan as well as what we believe your email campaign should say. We bring this full circle with an email campaign report and support should you need this along the way. 

“What does this cost and what’s in it for me”? You may ask… 

The goal is for you and your team to be guided by a professional, month to month, on how and what to post on your social channels, when to communicate with your customers and how to best achieve your goals. 

Our packages are structured as follows: 

…But, this is limited (no, not a sales gimmick, we really only have so many pros in our office!)

Unfortunately, this is a limited time only offer (only available until the end of June 2020) and is limited to 15 businesses in total. 

On the plus side, if you sign for 3 months you get a 10% discount on your monthly fee! Now, this is a sales gimmick but hey, you’re saving money. 

Reach out to our team at sales@touchbasepro.com and one of us will be in touch to get you standing out!