Now that we are all confined to our homes, remote working is essential, but for most of us, its not something that we’re used to doing. The TouchBasePro team has been working from home for a few weeks already, so we thought it would be valuable to share some tips on how to still get the most out of your day when working at home.

Our friends from Trello have shared some excellent tips on how to navigate remote life, take a look at them here. Make working remotely as productive as your usual office work.

Working from home when you’re in sales can be challenging, many of us have had to change our entire sales approach. Our friends from Hubspot have created some fantastic content on how to be a pro at remote sales. Take a look here.

Here are some of the things that we are doing to stay connected while working remotely

  • Video chats every morning with the entire team. We like to make sure we all keep in touch, and it helps us stay sane
  • Sharing good news. The current situation is terrifying and overwhelming, so we want to celebrate the good things too.
  • Checking in with how we’re feeling. We rely on each as a team and support one another during these challenging times.

Stay safe and stay strong.