TouchBasePro has won Best Email Marketing Campaign for 2019 in the prestigious annual e-marketing awards – the Ewards – hosted by one of the fastest-growing companies in Canada, DashThis. Devoted to marketers and agencies, the Ewards aim to recognise and honour exceptional creativity, expertise, and outstanding digital performance.

What are the Ewards?
Organised by the automated marketing reporting software company DashThis. Their team of marketing professionals has put forth the Ewards to embrace and honour marketers coming from small boutique agencies to large multinationals, with skill sets that vary from a wide range of specialities, including paid campaigns, video content, search engine optimisation, and much more. The Ewards have over 15 categories, ranging from Best PPC Campaign to Marketing Project of the Year; the 2019 Ewards are a series of notable awards for marketers.

We were awarded best email marketing campaign for 2019 for being the team with the most effective email marketing campaign in terms of open rate, click rate and overall conversion rate. We entered a re-engagement email campaign to show how you can re-engage clients that were once dormant and improve your results.

We are very proud of our team and look forward to finding ways to improve and better our clients’ emails.

“With receiving awards like this, it makes me incredibly humbled and proud to be part of the TouchBasePro team. We, as a team, do much more than what is awarded. The comradery, respect, humour, diligence and excellence shines through in so many un-awarded projects and campaigns. Well done to everyone at TouchBasePro. Thank you for the award.” – Greg Phillips, CEO at TouchBasePro.