Transactional emails are automated messages, triggered to send on-demand by specific interactions on your website or application.

These emails are triggered to send by events that happen in your own website or application. You write the code for an event that needs an email to be sent, then use our API or SMTP servers to send the email.

Examples of transactional emails include order confirmations, shipping notifications, membership renewal notices, password resets and account status messages.

We offer two types of transactional email: Smart and Classic.

Smart Transactional Emails

With TouchBasePro you can use existing templates to create marketing campaigns and tweak them to suit your look and feel.

Like other emails sent with TouchBasePro, smart transactional emails are hosted on our servers.
This means you don’t need to store the email or images yourself.

A smart transactional email is triggered by our API. It supports variables for personalization, and if you import your own HTML you can use the Liquid templating language as well.

Classic Transactional Emails

Classic transactional emails are for those of you who prefer to host email code on your own servers. When you send classic transactional email, content is stored for 30 days on our servers for the purpose of sending and previewing, while metadata is kept permanently for reporting.

Reasons why Transactional Emails are the way to go

  • The customer journey. By making use of transactional emails you can grow your list, generate additional revenue, capture customer feedback, and make your customer experience a memorable one!
  • Customer service focus. Make sure your transactional emails are always customer service focused and feature phone numbers, email addresses, and help pages prominently.
  • Consistent branding. Would you send out an ugly, plain-text email? Probably not, but it seems to be an acceptable practice for many transactional emails. You’re going to look much more professional and engaging and provide a better experience if your transactional emails are consistent and compelling, from start to finish.
  • Mobile optimization. While responsive email designs are taking over the rest of the email world, transactional emails are still in the dark ages when it comes to mobile optimization. This is seriously unfortunate when you consider how many transactional emails are read on mobile devices.
  • Value-added content. Why not tell your subscribers how they can get the most out of their new purchase or recommend add-ons? Your transactional emails don’t just have to contain transactional information, you can use these emails as opportunities to offer your customers something extra.

Do you need help setting up your transactional emails?
Get one of our dedicated Account Managers to help you.