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Send newsletters like a PRO 

Send newsletters
like a PRO

The TouchBasePro newsletter builder enables you to drag and drop content and images, making it easy for you to create elegant newsletters in just a few minutes. Our newsletter platform gives you detailed reporting and insightful data with a wide range of features you will love.  


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Features you will love! Our system is super easy to use and intuitive, with reporting that will help you keep your finger on the pulse of your newsletters.

  • Easy to use online editor – You can choose from a gallery of professionally designed templates, or use your own design and simply drag and drop your content.


  • Intelligent reporting – Perceptive data at your fingertips. Get drill-down information on your campaign performance with accompanying charts and graphs in one easy to understand report.
  • Personalise your campaigns – set up campaigns based on user specific user actions or interests. 

Not sure how to set up your newsletters? Don’t stress! Our team of email marketing experts want to help. Get in touch with us today for assistance with all your newsletter and email marketing requirements.

TouchBasePro is an email communications agency. We believe that when people connect, extraordinary things happen.