As TouchBasePro grows and moves on to new heights, so does our team!
We’re proud to welcome Jonathon, our new Service Client Manager.

Jon comes with a host of client service and digital knowledge, and we’re looking forward to having him adding a ton of value to our team.

We asked Jon a couple of questions… and, after reading the answer to question 3 – we had to have him demonstrate!

1) What aspect of your job are you most excited about?

The people aspect. Interacting, managing, meeting and providing value to clients and the tea.

2) What are you hoping to bring to the TouchBasePro team?

Creating a more seamless workflow by meeting deadlines on time all the time and with excellent quality.

3) What is your secret talent that no one really knows about?

I can put my arm around my head and touch my other ear. (Video coming soon!)

4) If you were a crayon, what colour would you be and why?

Dark blue – no other reason other than I love that colour. It’s soft and elegant.

5) Who is your favourite superhero and why?

Hulk. Not only is he one of the strongest, but anger only fuels him more. If we channel anger correctly, it can be one of our greatest tools.

Welcome, Jonathon! We’re super happy to have you.