So you want to make your business wildly successful. Who doesn’t? Nobody goes into business just because they super-duper love to do a specific type of work. There are two reasons, the way we see it – one, you really do actually love what you do, and two, you want to make money doing it. That’s, like, the dream, right? Right.

There’s just one little problem. Getting people to give you money to do that thing you love to do. Finding them, showing them what you do, giving them the whole schpiel, convincing them that they should give you their hard-earned cash for the service you perform, or that product you sell. So you start down the marketing path.

Guys, we know. Marketing is hard. It’s especially hard if you are not a born and bred marketer, or salesperson, or advertising genius. If you were, you’d be running an ad agency, right? Ok, fine, maybe you do run an ad agency, but even then, you still need to find your potential customers. There’s nothing more soul-destroying than spending hour after hour cold-calling randomly, trying to get people to listen to your pitch and getting turned down time and again.

But there’s a very good reason why this happens – cold leads are dead leads. Old ways of marketing your business to other businesses are like dinosaurs that haven’t figured out they’re extinct yet, lumbering down the worn and potholed highways of spray-and-pray bulk emailers (guys, it’s spam, there are filters for that), teams of barely trained call centre operatives reading a script like a grade 3 kid into the ears of whoever picks up the phone, and appointment after appointment with the wrong person who has zero decision-making authority. You need hot leads to make your hustle work – people who are champing at the bit for your services or products, and who just need the right introduction to start making it rain, baby.

Ok, but how do you get the right leads? How do you, ideally, get those hot leads to come to you, begging to throw their money at you? If this isn’t literally your area of expertise, it’s not easy – and if this is literally your area of expertise, well, you probably work for us and should be working on generating business-to-business leads for those clients, so get back to work, Jonathan.

The trick to lead generation is simple -simpler than that one weird belly fat trick, and better because it actually works. The trick is trust. Trustworthy, reliable expert partners who actually have a clue about how the flexible, agile world of B2B lead generation works. Finding someone who knows exactly how to get your message out there, get it noticed, and make the right people sit up and get in touch with you.

By partnering with a company that specialises in understanding your market, how it flexes and changes, and how to hunt down… I mean, search for and find… the right people and get your message to them, you stop wasting your time and energy on inefficient marketing, and focus on what’s important – building your own reputation by providing excellent products and services. It’s that simple.

If you want to know the tricks and get the tools to generate worthy B2B leads, refer people to the #jhbHUSLE and generate hot leads.

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