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Tackling email marketing problems is what TouchBasePro does best. Our latest challenge: CliffCentral. The unCensored, unScripted, unRadio show is the perfect opportunity to show what all the different features of email marketing can do for your business.


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TouchBasePro’s plans

With regular email newsletters, CliffCentral has been maintaining an average open rate of around 10.41%. But, the click-through rate was only 0.83%.

We compared those stats to the following benchmarks of similar industries:

Entertainment and Events:
Open rate of 21.21% and click-through rate of 2.33%
Media and Publishing:
Open rate: 22.14% and click-through rate of 4.70%

Using the less common features of email marketing, TouchBasePro is setting out to completely overhaul CliffCentral’s email marketing. TouchBasePro is aiming to get CliffCentral’s email marketing results up to current industry results.

 What we’ve implemented


Getting your message across is all about sending the right email at the right time. With TouchBasePro’s Automation feature, CliffCentral has set up a whole new host of emails for their subscribers. And the best part? These new emails were set up once, and can now run daily on their own. No extra work required.

Using the RSS function, podcast reminders are sent a set time after each show, with a direct link to the latest podcast for the busy listener that may not have had a chance to tune in yet. In addition, using some technical wizardry on TouchBasePro’s side, listeners also have an option to be reminded about podcasts they haven’t finished yet.

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Previously, CliffCentral would send out daily newsletters to all their recipients. This wider, shotgun approach to email marketing wasn’t working, as readers were being overwhelmed with information that’s not pertinent to them. The first thing TouchBasePro did was segment the CliffCentral subscribers, based on their interests.

Though CliffCentral still sends out daily newsletters, these are now themed around different interests that their subscribers have expressed. Now that subscribers have stopped receiving topics they aren’t interested in, the engagement has gone up on the emails that they are actively seeking. In the short time since we’ve started, the click-through rate has increased by more than 8 times!

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Database growth

By adding subscribe forms to every show page, as well as an overhauling the main signup page, CliffCentral’s database has increased by more than 400 subscribers in less than a month. Subscribers signing up to receive podcast reminders have the flexibility to add themselves to other segments and areas of interest. With this kind of freedom to tailor their own experience, subscribers are far more willing to sign up on their own.


One of the most important aspects of email marketing is keeping your subscribers engaged. Some drop off is to be expected, but you want subscribers to look forward to your email arriving in their inbox. By using re-engagement campaigns, TouchBasePro will help CliffCentral lure back the subscribers that have stopped interacting with the email campaigns.

Where we’re going from here

Our mission to overhaul CliffCentral’s email marketing started at the beginning of March 2017. While our main focus is re-engagement and growth, over the next couple of months, we’ll continue to come up with new ideas, tweak the existing plan and monitor the performance of the campaigns and newsletters.

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