As a company, TouchBasePro is taking all the necessary steps to protect our team, suppliers and customers. Internally we have taken precautionary measures; however, none of the actions taken will affect any clients or suppliers. 

What are we doing?
Our industry allows us to work remotely, and all of our team members can get their work done from home. The majority of the TouchBasePro team will work from home to ensure we can do our part to flatten the curve. For those who will still visit the office, we have implemented several precautionary measures to keep the team healthy and safe. 

How does this affect our clients?
This will not affect our clients; business will continue as usual. For all support queries, please email and for all accounts queries, please email We will avoid face to face meetings where possible and use telephonic and video calls.

We at TouchBasePro understand the severity of the country’s current situation and believe that communication is critical at this point. We would, therefore, like to offer companies the ability to send their Covid-19 communications to their customer database for free. Please get in touch with us to find out more about this offer.