With email growing continuously as a marketing channel, you hear a lot of talk about email database or list quality. Businesses have understood that gaining subscribers at all costs is not a beneficial long-term strategy.

Many have started focusing more on gaining more quality email data — meaning valid email addresses that belong to real people, and not a bot or spam accounts. In short, an actual email address is an asset, whereas a fake one is pretty much a waste of resources.

It’s not how big it is; it’s how you use it

We at TouchBasePro firmly believe that the quality of your database is vastly more important than the quantity. It’s a pretty obvious statement to make but emailing to an inbox that is not going to receive or interact with your email is fruitless. Plus, there’s that pesky sender reputation to worry about which is really affected by high email bounce rates. But, is that all it does?

Why Verify Email Addresses?

Here are a few reasons why we encourage email database verification

To ensure inbox placement
Most email providers measure bounce rates when deciding whether to route your message in the inbox or the spam folder. Bounce rates higher than 5% pose quite a serious risk to inbox placement.

To save money
Storing and sending to invalid and outdated email addresses is costly. Add the liability of poor inbox placement, and invalid email addresses can dramatically impact your bottom line. As we well know, email is one of, if not the highest ROI digital communication channels out there. Email address verification makes cents!

To reclaim a missed opportunity
An invalid email address is a missed connection. By verifying at point of capture with our API, you can identify mistyped email addresses in real-time and provide your users with the opportunity to correct their mistake before it’s too late.

Why verify with us?
Accurate & comprehensive results. Our customers consistently see great email deliverability. More importantly, our system provides real results for more email addresses, even when other providers return “unknown”.

Expertise & support
With TouchBasePro, our team is your team. With over 15 years in the game, we’re well versed in email deliverability, best practices, compliance, privacy, and more. Whether you’re a marketer, developer, email administrator, or email beginner, contact us for help with your email verification needs.

Getting started

Not only does our team help you clean your database, but we also have a full range of digital services designed to help you win at email marketing. Click here to find out more or get in touch with us at sales@touchbasepro.com