As a marketer, one of the most valuable insights you can have to appeal to a customer is information about who they are. Now, I’m we’re not talking about what their I.D number or which province they stay in, we’re talking what they interact and engage with on the internet.

What do we mean?

In short, there is a host of information about most people on the internet. No, not the dodgy stuff (well, mostly not), but remember when Facebook asks about your privacy settings or Twitter asking about how your data is used? That’s what we’re talking about.

Wait, we can do that?

We get this question all the time but those privacy settings and the way that your data is utilised on various platforms informs how you are advertised to. Not only that, a lot of your information left within the public domain is to your benefit as a consumer. Why not get ads tailored to your interests and interactions, tailored just to you? As a marketer, this information is invaluable.


So, how does it all work?

We take each of your provided subscriber email addresses and try to find additional information on what they have made public on the internet.  With this knowledge, your marketing team can come up with new and exciting ways to interact with client audiences and segment your databases.

The type of information that is generally given ranges from social network interests and affinities to job titles, location and gender information, education history and as much individual data we can find in the public domain.

Further to this, using email software like ours at TouchBasePro allows you to segment your lists and subscribers, which will allow you to speak to different groups with different, personalized content. The goal is to:

  • Develop rich, personalized customer experiences for your clients.
  • Create engaged audiences for multichannel campaigns.
  • Find more customers that look like your top consumers.
  • Understand different key customer segments and markets.



Is this legal?

Perfectly legal! Remember, we use only information that audiences have left public on the net. Through our security protocols, we further hash exact email addresses for the privacy and safety of our customers and their databases while complying with both local and international data privacy laws and legalities.

Our team of email marketing managed service professionals does this for your team, on your company’s behalf, saving you the effort, while providing expertise in segmentation and personalising campaigns to a specific group within your database. We also offer a full API to be able to run this automatically, saving a ton of time and effort in the process.

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