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Mobile devices are more prevalent than ever before, and this has a serious impact on your email marketing. More than half of all emails are opened on a mobile device before they’re ever viewed on a desktop.

What is preheader text, and why is it so important?

The preheader is a short summary text that follows the subject line when an email is viewed in the inbox. Most desktop and web email clients provide them to tip you off on what the email contains before you open it, but they’re most predominant on mobile clients.

Next to the subject line, the preheader text is the first thing subscribers will read, and in all likelihood, they’re using that summary to decide on whether they’re going to open your email. If you’re not using a preheader text, or if it contains unrelated gibberish or fragments of a sentence, your email is going to get a hard pass by your readers.

So you want to include preheader text, but it also needs to make sense in the context of your email body. The challenge with preheader text, especially for the mobile inclined marketer, is that keeping this text in your email campaign’s body means that there’s valuable screen space taken up by this enticing opening text.


That’s the paradox of the preheader text. Leave it out and you run the risk of lowering your engagements. Keep it in, and you might mess with your campaign’s design. How do you get around this catch-22?

Introducing: flexible preheader text

A new feature of our easy online drag-and-drop editor will let you have full control over your preheader text. Now you get to decide where you want your preheader text to show. You can have it in the inbox preview and the email body, or choose to exclude the preheader text from your email content and only display it in the inbox preview.

preheader-2This level of control will allow you to continuously adapt and improve your open rates, without pushing your important (and revenue generating) content out of the way. If you’ve never given preheader text a second thought, there’s no better time to try it than right now!

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