Every industry is different, and all audiences will engage and react with your emails differently, so it’s essential to know and understand what the benchmark is for your industry to see if you are on the right track with your email marketing.

After analysing millions of campaigns from all different industries, we can provide you with some benchmarks for your email marketing.

Average email benchmarks for all industries

  • Average open rate: 17.92%
  • Average click rate: 2.69%
  • Average click to open rate: 14.10%
  • Average unsubscribe rate: 0.17%
  • Average bounce rate: 1.06%

Industry Averages


What are the best days for email marketing?

  • Thursday – best day for high open rates
  • Tuesday – best day for high click rates
  • Sunday/Monday – best day for low unsubscribes
  • Saturday – best day for high click to open rates
  • Monday – best day for low bounce rates

What are the worst days for email marketing?

  • Sunday – worst day for email opens
  • Sunday – worst day for click-throughs
  • Wednesday – worst day for the most unsubscribes
  • Monday – worst day for click to open rates
  • Friday – worst day for high bounces