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Email marketing automation allows you to send out customised, personalised and highly relevant emails to your subscribers. The benefits are numerous, from the time saving to the increased engagements. But where do you get started?

Setting up a new email automation can be overwhelming. There are many factors to take into consideration, and questions to ask. What content should I have in each step? What shape should my overall journey take? How much time delay should I put on each step? When is the best place to split the journey? If you’ve never put together a journey before, it’s like learning another language!

To help you make customer journeys, we have created a series of journey guides to get you started with step-by-step instructions. Based on email marketing best practices and inspired by previous success stories from our customers, these guides will ensure your email automation is as effective as they can be.

Discovering Journeys

Best of all, these guides are available right in the system, you don’t have to refer back to any other resources (or even this blog!). Once you’re on the Automation tab, just choose the option to Create a New Journey. Now you’ll see the option to either build a new journey or discover different journeys.

journey-goalsOnce you set out to find some journey ideas, we’ll ask you a few quick questions about your industry, your marketing goals and the customers you’re targeting, to help recommend the right journeys to explore. Just tick off a few details and we’ll show you the journeys we think might be right for you.

journey-guideYou can also use the filters on the left to explore journeys from other categories. For each journey, you’ll see an outline of the flow, content details to consider, as well as some details about set-up to think about. Of course, we also include easy to follow step-by-step instructions on setting up the journey you want in the visual journey designer.

Email Marketing: not just for newsletters

Email marketing is a powerful tool that goes beyond just sending out a mailer once a month. With the new journey guides, it’s easier and faster to get started with your email marketing automation.

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