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Your subject line is a huge part of your email campaign. As your foot in the door, it’s the key to getting your email campaign opened. Make a mistake, and your readers are likely to either glance over your campaign, flat out ignore it, or worst case scenario, send it straight to Spam.

Here are some common subject line mistakes, and why you should be avoiding them.

Subject Line Faux Pas 1: Leaving it blank

You Can't see me

When studies have shown that 35% of email subscribers open the email based on the subject line alone, leaving that field blank is a serious issue. That’s over a third of your subscribers that you aren’t enticing, and the rest are just going to scratch their heads.

Luckily, with TouchBasePro, we don’t let you keep the subject line blank. It’s not that we’re controlling, or that we want to force you to do things our way. Having been in the business for so long, we know what subscribers like and don’t like, and we’re here to help make sure your campaign is as successful as possible.

Subject Line Faux Pas 2: RE: what?

RE: means Reply

Here’s another scary statistic, 69% of email recipients will report an email as Spam based on the subject line alone. So you’ve got to tread carefully with what you say, you don’t want to look even slightly spammy.

A trick that spammers tend to use is including “RE:” in the subject line. This makes it look like there’s already a conversation going. The thing is, whether it’s a legitimate email campaign or a link to a dodgy website, there isn’t a conversation going. Or at least, not yet. Don’t attempt to mislead your recipients by including “RE:” in front of your subject line, that’s a great way to end up looking like spam.

Subject Line Faux Pas 3: Subject Line To Be Advised

Keep out

The last potential mistake you could make is by forgetting that you’ve included placeholder text. Maybe you didn’t know what your subject line was going to be yet, so you included some dummy text and carried on setting the campaign. Then, you forgot to actually go back and replace that dummy text, so your subscribers got an email that says “Subject Line TBA”. That’s going to look extremely odd to anyone that gets that mail.

That’s we always say, check yourself before you wreck yourself. Test your campaign, make sure of every detail, and have an action plan in place in case something does go wrong. If you’re vigilant enough, this should never happen to you.

Make your subject line a success

Now that you know the common mistakes and how to avoid them, you’re on your way to mastering the art of the subject line. Next, why don’t you check out our list of 10 Success Words for Subject Lines, and the 5 Subject Line Formulas that we know will increase your open rates.

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