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Thanks to the cluttered inboxes of today, your job as a marketer is becoming increasingly difficult. The only way you can grab your subscribers’ attention is by sending perfectly targeted emails that will resonate with them on a personal level.

Our easy to use Visual Journey Designer is the perfect tool for your automation arsenal, ensuring you can send timely and pertinent emails to your subscribers. Setting up new journeys has never been easier, thanks to our unique Journey Guides that will help you through setting up the perfect Journey. Now you can take your email marketing automation even further with advanced journey conditions.

Better Data, Better Emails

The most basic principle of the journey designer is the ability to define a condition based on details that you have on a subscriber. These details could be anything from information stored in custom fields to engagement from previous journeys or campaigns. For example:

If a subscriber is a repeat customer, then send this email. If not, send a different email.

With advanced conditions, you’re no longer limited to one rule for each condition. With multiple rules for one condition, you can target your customers even further.

If a subscriber is a repeat customer, and they live in this region, and they’ve expressed interest in this product, send this email. If not, send a different email.

With this new advanced email automation, you can define up to five rules for any condition in your journey. You can also define whether or not all the rules need to be met or whether that step will be triggered when it matches any of the rules instead.


This new option for multiple rules on one condition means that you can build multi-journey emails proficiently and quickly.  By defining all of your logic in one condition, you don’t have to worry about created nested conditions underneath each other. It’s simple, clean and far easier to manage the workflow of your journey. And above all, you can target each of your subscribers more efficiently, ensuring that you’re going to get the best value out of the data you have on your customers.

Advanced Automation Made Easy

Building powerful, sophisticated automation journeys doesn’t have to be a tedious, time-consuming endeavour. Customer journeys have never been simpler, or quicker to put together, thanks to the new advanced email marketing automation options.

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