We are an email focussed, digital communications agency, with more than 14 years of just that, email marketing experience. We offer complete email & SMS services including strategy, campaign management & implementation, development, data reporting and email address enrichment and validation.

Achieve your desired results with a tailored email marketing strategy
We will tailor-make a strategy unique to your company and its specific requirements, to identify critical areas of opportunity. We stretch the features of the  TouchBasePro system, to maximise the ROI of your digital communication.


Our strategies consist of 4 stages:


Discovery: An email marketing and digital strategy expert learns the ins and outs of your business, existing marketing activities and identifies your current goals.


We then analyse and perform an audit on your current marketing and database growth strategy, along with your current email activities to identify critical areas of improvement.



Consultation: We set up a consultation to review the critical areas of improvement, best practices, examples, and how we propose to work along your business to help you win.



Implementation: You receive an in-depth guide on the way forward and how we help create high-value, low-cost ways to achieve your goals, with distinguished benchmarks illustrating tracking and returns.


To help you implement your strategy, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager. Your account manager will become your expert guide with all things relating to email and digital marketing. (S)He will implement your strategy for you, based on best practices and tailored to your specific objectives.  

(S)He will continue to help you win, by providing you with email best practice and a full range of email services. (S)He will assist with building and sending your email campaigns, providing in-depth business intelligence reports, email address validation and enrichment and more! 

Although our strategies are email focused, they are not limited to only email. Our digital strategist will also identify additional digital marketing opportunities that will feed your email marketing strategy. 

Get in touch with us to start your digital communication strategy, and let TouchBasePro help you win at digital marketing.