Tracy is celebrating her 11th Workaversary with TouchBasePro so to celebrate Trace and all her hard work, we spent 5 minutes with her so that everyone else can get to know her better.

What is your role at TouchBasePro?
“At this point, what isn’t my role at TouchBasePro? Currently, I am the Office Manager, but I’ve worked in every department we have! I started out as a secretary, and I’ve worked in Sales, Support, Accounts, HR… the list goes on! My current role incorporates a lot of that as well, this position sort of grew organically out of my strengths.”

What does this role entail?
“As Office Manager, I’m in charge of keeping things running smoothly, both internally and externally. I help our self-service clients, take care of our invoicing, and support our internal team with specialised or ad-hoc tasks and overflow work. I’m also the one that makes sure we have coffee to keep us going!”

What is your favourite part of your job?
“The variety of challenges I get to face. My job is never boring, I get to deal with so many different clients and come up with different ways to problem-solve. I flex my creativity almost daily and I tend to be able to pull a rabbit out of the hat for anyone! I think the best part is regularly being able to do things that our clients didn’t think would be possible.”

What do you think makes TouchBasePro unique?
“Without a doubt, our people. It’s so cliched when you hear a company say “we’re a family!”, it makes you cringe inside a bit, but here it’s so true. Everyone is open and supportive with each other and we get to work miracles on the daily. A few weeks ago, I had to work from home because I didn’t have a car. Honestly, while missing out on traffic was great, not seeing the rest of the team every day made me sad.”

What secret talent do you have that no one knows about?
“One of my hobbies is cosplay, so I’m pretty handy on a sewing machine, and I sew my own clothes.”

What is one word that defines who you are at work?
“It’s two words, but fairy godmother!”