We value each and every employee at TouchBasePro, especially the ones behind the scenes. Sasa, is our back-end software developer and we’d like to share a little more about Sasa.
  1. What is your role?
    “I am the back-end software developer at TouchBasePro”
  2. What does your role entail?
    “Back-end development implies working on the business logic part of our system. Essentially, every action a user takes on our site (e.g. clicking a button, or loading a new page) requires some data to be loaded or updated. All of those actions, not directly visible to the user, that happen while interacting with our sire, comprise the back-end of our system.”
  3. What is the favourite part of your job?
    “Working on new features and improving our existing ones – our goal is to provide understandable and easy to use environments for our clients, that is to evolve along with their needs.”
  4. What do you think makes TouchBasePro unique?
    “I think the interaction that the leadership team has with the team. Each member of the team has the ability to improve the business process they are involved in. We are constantly thinking of ideas of how to do things better, faster and practically.”
  5. What secret talent do you have that no one knows about? 
    “I have a knack of solving puzzling problems, no matter how long it takes.”

We are very lucky to have such a dedicated back-end developer and look forward to many more years with Sasa.