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A dirty mailing list is a bad email list. It will affect the performance of your emails and it can end up making you feel like a bad marketer. If this is not enough to convince you to clean your mailing list, below are 5 reasons that should do it.

Reason #1: Reduces your risk of getting suspended or blocked by ISPs or ESPs

BlockedThe job of an ISP (Internet Service Providers) or ESP (Email Service Providers) is to make sure that their users get the best service possible. Unwanted or unsolicited emails make their service less appealing. As a result, they actively work towards stopping unwanted emails from reaching their clients. Find out more on how ISPs block emails here.

If you clean your mailing list, it will help you identify people who do not want to receive emails from you. Then you can remove them and keep sending emails to people who are actually interested in what you have to offer.

Reason #2: Saves you money by not sending to bad or low-quality email addresses

Piggy Bank on beach vacationCreating a beautiful and well thought out mailer takes time and money. If your mailer is sent to people who are not interested in it, you’re basically wasting your time and money. Cleaning up your mailing list will make sure that you send emails to people who want to receive them.

Reason #3: Improves email performance across the board

Improved performance

This is a simple one. Sending emails to a clean list increased the performance of your email. This is purely because you’re sending emails to people who want to receive emails from you. Those people are by definition more likely to interact with your emails.

Reason #4: It will help you avoid inactive contacts

Inactive contactsCleaning your mailing list will ensure that you remove people who haven’t interacted with your mailers in a while. Not interacting with mailers for a long time is a sign that either the email address you’re sending emails to is no longer active or the owner is just not interested in what you’re sending. Either way, this is an inactive contact that you have to remove from your list.

Reason #5: Decreases spam reports

Gmail spam report buttonMost email clients have a report or add to spam button. The more people add your emails in that list, the higher the chance of ISPs blocking you from sending emails to those users. Besides reporting to the email service provider, some governments around the world allow people to forward spam emails to specific email addresses, where they are dealt with accordingly.

Don’t be a bad marketer. Sending emails to a clean list decreases spam reports and saves you a world of trouble.

Bonus! Kickbox!

Email list checker tool - kickbox

Kickbox is an online tool that allows you to check the quality of your list. It helps you separate low-quality addresses from high-value contacts. Learn more about Kickbox here.

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