It’s a new year, and it’s probably time for you to re-evaluate your email marketing strategy, maybe even set some new years resolutions for your email marketing too? We have looked at all the current email trends and summarised the top five things you should be doing this year with your email marketing. 

  1. Mobile is king – we’ve seen a spike in users reading and interacting with emails on their mobile devices, and we’re honestly not surprised, we have our mobile devices with us constantly. This year, think mobile first. Create email designs that not only look amazing but interacts well on mobile. The layout is not the only thing to worry about when optimising your campaigns for mobile, keep in mind readers have a shorter attention span so keep your emails short and to the point. 
  2. Less is more – let’s face it, these days we rarely have the time to sit and read through all our emails. Our attention spans have shortened; generally, it takes us 8 seconds before we lose interest in a task. So, what does this mean for email? Less is definitely more! Make your content easy to scan through, use visual elements to get your message across and make sure your email is mobile-friendly. Your main focus should be on your subject line and call to action!
  3. Personalised custom content – it’s 2020, a spray and pray tactic is never going to work. You need to be sending personalised custom content to your subscribers. Your subscribers are going to want to get engaged and stay active if they are receiving relevant content that is personalised to them. You need to be segmenting your database based on subscriber details and interaction; having these smart segments will allow you to target the correct subscribers with the right content easily. 
  4. Automation – Did you know Automated emails get 86% higher open rates, produce a 196% increase in click-through rates, and generate 320% more revenue than standard promotional emails. [Campaign Monitor]. You need to have automated emails set up where it makes sense, for example, if someone signs up to your database, they should receive a welcome email from you. Automation allows you to set up triggers and send information based on certain data. This allows you to send emails at the right time. 
  5. Follow the regulations – we are likely going to see the pressure to follow regulations increase. This year you are going to need to make sure you are following regulations when collecting email addresses and communicating with them. No one wants to be surprised by an email from you, make your sign-up forms clear and concise. TouchBasePro sign up forms help you collect email addresses that are 100% opt-in with the ability to agree to be emailed & agreed to have email activity tracked, by making use of tick boxes. So, this year focus on being compliant, you’ll only benefit in the long run.