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Customers and retailers alike are already preparing for the holiday season, and so should you! Here are 15 subject line ideas to get you ready for the festive season.

Our top 15 Holiday Themed Subject Lines: 

  1. 5 reasons you need [PRODUCT] for Christmas
  2. Gifts ideas for [him/her/the whole family]
  3. If you open one email this Christmas…
  4. Your one stop shop for all your Christmas shopping
  5. There’s still time…
  6. The perfect gift is here!
  7. You’ve made our nice list!
  8. Your complete holiday gift guide
  9. Some last minute gift ideas
  10. Spread the holiday cheer
  11. Unique holiday gifts for everyone on your list!
  12. A special gift, just for [NAME]
  13. Our holiday deadline is tomorrow, don’t miss out!
  14. 5 fantastic festive recipes for Christmas
  15. The 12 Deals of Christmas

Add some holiday cheer

While these holiday subject lines might spark some inspiration, you can put your own creative spin on them, and get your own message across. Play around with the content, get festive with emoji, and don’t forget to personalise!

Go ahead and add some holiday cheer to your subject lines, and the rest of your email as well. Now’s the time to capitalise on the mood of your subscribers, before they wind down completely for the end of the year.

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