Have you been wondering how to create gripping content, killer visuals and do all the fancy stuff that makes you stand out in a client’s inbox?

We at TouchBasePro (may) have a few solutions…


Headline and Subject Line Generator

If you struggle to create headlines and subject lines, you’re going to love this!

Use this nifty tool to create email subject lines, headlines for blog posts, Facebook ads, and a whole host more. This tool allows you to crank out irresistible subject lines that get you more eyes on your content, and more people to open your emails. Simply enter your target keyword and the plugin automatically generates a brilliant headline for every occasion.

Features 500+ proven headline and subject line combinations

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Just Good Copy

With a site like Just Good Copy, you can have some of the industry’s best email copy generated for you using simple keywords.

Just Good Copy brings up some basics from industry leaders and how they utilise copy for specific scenarios that you can piggy back off to save you the time and effort of writing or getting a copywriter in to do.

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The Hemingway App

Now that you’ve found that perfect piece of copy and edited it a bit, why not check the grammatical structure, spelling and readability of your masterful writing!

The Hemingway App does this automatically and guides you in how to structure your writing better. Plus, you want to make the copy as easily readable as possible.

This app even goes as far as showing the time it would take for someone to read the copy, which is vital when you have a short space of time to capture the attention of your audience.

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The Stocks

You’ve written the perfect piece of copy for your email, but us humans don’t just read, we buy with our eyes. It’s now time to find your perfect picture, colour pallet or icon.

The Stocks brings together a host of sites for stock imagery, colour pallets, various icons, video content and even fonts. Instead of searching all over the web, The Stocks is a central point to easily access visual content from across the leading stock platforms on the web. Why go searching?

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The Atlas

So, your content looks great but having some stats and proof that what you’re saying is what really drives the message home. Why not include some stats?

The Atlas is a sight that you can go to find graphs and stats about, well, pretty much anything! You can even create your own graphs and metric using their system while changing the format and colour.

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Pick a Pic

Let’s get fancy! With PickaPic , you can generate time based dynamic images for your email campaigns.

This site allows you to create an image that changes over time to maximise your email marketing conversions, select a specific image to display by day of the week and an option to edit the image even after the campaign has left your sent folder.

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How do you appeal to generation Z? Why not make them laugh?

With Imgflip, not only can you create some humour in your emails by customising memes, you can also generate animated GIFs, various charts and even demotivationals.

What better way to build relationship than by making someone smile.

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Now that you’ve put together an amazing email campaign together, let’s move on to testing the spammyness (yes, that’s a word) of the mail.

Though our TouchBasePro system does this, it’s also a great way to quickly check your content, links and authentication status before sending that perfect mail off.

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Blog Topic Generator

So, you have the perfect email campaign ready to be sent…but where are you sending your clients?

People like content and unless you’re selling something, what would entice someone to visit your site? We recommend providing good content for your customers, but ideas are few and far between.

HubSpot’s blog topic generator is ideal in these scenarios. Simply select a topic and watch the generator spit out ideas. Try something seasonal, promotional or even educational but get your blog going.

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TouchBasePro Account Management

Now, all of this is a lot of hard work.

Email is a science and doing it right takes time, but the ultimate solution is having a professional on our end doing this for you.

Our team of email marketing and digital communication experts do this for a host of companies, and we’d love to do this for you and your company!

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